Data Scientist

Elvis Ndah, PhD

Areas of Interest

Football Analytics

My passion for football meets my skills in data science.

Football analytics


natural language processing


Imbalance Learning

Enjoy the challenge of imbalance classification




Analyzing data to help stakeholders make informed business decisions.


Deploy models in real world production systems using REST APIs


Visualization to better relationships between the data, providing greater meaning.

About me

Data Scientist with 3+ and 4+ years of industry and PhD research experience (respectively) in providing reliable data-driven solutions using descriptive and predictive insights based on advanced statistical modelling and machine learning methodologies. In addition to my experiences, I have a strong complementary theoretical background with an MSc. in Statistics and another in Artificial intelligence. Expert in the integration and analysis of both internal and external datasets and provides insights and data-driven advice to varying businesses such as a better understanding of customer behaviours, predicting customers target advertisements and marketing campaigns.